The Well- Children's Church

The Well is.....
We believe that Kids have the capacity to know God at an early age and that they can build a faith-foundation that lasts their entire lives.

The Well aims to partner with parents to lead kids to love and follow Jesus for Life. We believe that every child is a precious gift from God.

While in The Well, we want each child to be safe, accepted,  and valued, experiencing the love of God through the Life,

and Resurrection of Jesus, and being empowered by the very Spirit of God to become new creations, learning from the Bible.

Sunday offers our children a chance to gather, learn, and grow with age-appropriate activities and lessons. 

Sunday School Classes are at 9:30am each Sunday

The Well (children's church) meets at 10:30am on Sunday

Wednesday evening classes are from 7pm - 8pm

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